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Create more traffic and experience at the desired location: that is what is all about. We accordingly use a broad and pioneering approach, and we want to act upon your customer requirements with good, well-considered total solutions that substantially contribute to your operating result. Only then can you really make the difference. was born from passion to develop and build our own unique solutions. We love the entire process from sketch to implementation of a unique solution and therefore we focus not only on product sales, but we make a difference because we can create concepts, design, implementation and manage ourselves.


Is our number one step to generate sales and it starts in the shopping street where smart windows or smart mobile solutions stimulates the customer senses to enter the store.


To increase the experience of customers and seek solutions to create the stop and wonder impact on your customers.


Deploying solutions to approach your customers in a cross-channel world with surprising (realtime) relevant messages.


Gaining big data which can help to better understand customers and identify what works and what does not, and based on these data implement personal messages or loyalty programs.

Thinking along and offer a totally unique concept with implementation and maintenance is surprisingly.



Our solutions can enhance the experience for consumers because we respond to sensory experiences. Through sound, light, image, and feel we can affect emotions and behavior of consumers. Good use leads to longer duration and more purchases. Our solutions are used for retail and related market segments such as real estate. Examples are: automotive, fashion, drugstores, pharmacies, food, garden centers, zoos, amusement parks and airfields.



With the software platform of our partner Vicar Vision which includes faces swapping, Iretail.Solutions is able to perform digital face swapping real time. Regardless gender, age or ethnicity of the person. You see yourself changing directly into a younger or older person or you just crawl into the skin of a different gender or your idol. The technique can be applied through a shopping window and a virtual fitting room can be realized on the street. But it can also be supplied in a kiosk in-store or at an event.

Please see our video’s on our youtube channel

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Point, Click, Connect and Buy

Point, Click, Connect and Buy

Ibeacons, qr code or …… .just point!!! Point, Click and Connect the ultimate opportunity to connect the online and offline worlds together. To detect Ibeacons the customer needs an app and bluetooth must be enabled. An app is also in many cases to expensive. Moreover, customers do not want to download a separate app per store. – that creates concepts and experiences for retailers – now brings with her partner Selitera a patented technology on the market which contains the ultimate aspects of online shopping in the physical store and after closing hours through the shoppingwindow called Point, Click, Connect. This breakthrough technology connects the virtual world with the real world and is the optimum combination of shopping experience, product promotion and interactive information on site. The mobile phone is used as if it were a “virtual laser pointer”, which the customer point on a product in the shop / showcase (mannequins), a shelf, video wall, etc. The product light up through an underlying LG IPS display projector or light fixtures, then the product will appear on the customer’s phone. He or she can purchase the product directly or share through social media, without using an app. This point, click and connect system can also be used in the gameficationworld to play a game in the window. Or to connect the phone with digital signage, information displayed in the display, the user can directly Collects this information in his phone to order. The platform is suitable for Multi user and generating big data on purchasing behavior and it is possible to implement a loyalty program in the system. Please see the demo movies on the YouTube channel

web1 seltiera web3

Interactive water vapor hologram

Interactive water vapor hologram created an unique technology which can be projected into the air, and interaction with content by hand movements in the air. The image is made up of 99 % air and 1 % water.

The technology uses a projection unit which microscopic atomized water particles projecting into the air, resulting in an object floating in the air. The content may be two -dimensional or three -dimensional images or animations are interactively which can be accessed such as a touch screen only this time in the air.

Each content format that you can play or view them on a computer or DVD player can be projected into the air. You can walk through the projection screen without becoming wet. Very suitable to create a stop and wonder effect on trade shows, special events such as store openings and permanent solutions in museums and product presentations.

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The Beam Pro is a telepresence robot that increases collaboration, experience but also quality of life. With two cameras, automatic noise reduction and speakers which are used to produce 90dB sound can it be used in any environment to experience a natural efficient interaction. For example, to participate in meetings worldwide, quality control in production, as virtual host, butler, promo events but also for visual merchandisers to view the flagship store or customers to offer a unique experience and that they can login from home in a location to view products (museums). Check out our youtube channel for an introduction video.

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Interactive shoppingwindow

Interactive shoppingwindow

Shoppingwindows certainly do not need to be a passive experience. has now touchsensors that goes through any glass thickness. The touchsensors can be integrated in buttons or other symbols or texts stickers. Consumers will have access to faceswap, product information but can also run a quiz or a survey where the consumer after the completion is rewarded with a coupon. We can link the interaction with the whispering window technique.

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Whispering windows

Whispering windows developed together with a partner a sonar technique from US submarines discipline that can convert through micro-vibrations surfaces consisting of steel, wood or double glass , into speakers. Often these “vibration” cubes stuck in a shop on the inside of the shop window. Depending on the dimensions of the window, one or two vibration blocks placed with a power of 20 watts, or 100 watts. The vibration on the shop window is only 4 microns and thereby guaranteed no damage to the structure. This technique to need just 4 microns to make a shop window in its entirety as speaker function is patented. Other providers need several mm, effectively resulting in structural damage. The window is changed into an interactive window that creates temptation to view the window longer, but also to create a “stop and wonder” effect where the sound is coming from. A volume limiter in the amplifier ensures that sounds below the permissible DB remain in the shopping district. In England, for example, it is already used by retailers such as Gap, Benetton, Selfridges, Marks & amp; Spencer and Harrods.

    Measurements show that rises to 40% have been observed of products which were displayed in the shop window. can also link the invisible speakers to motionsensors so that a fully interactive experience is created in the window.

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      IBeacon uses Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) also known as Bluetooth Smart. Bluetooth Smart is energy efficient and is excellent for the use of low-range contact. An iBeacon sends its own signal with an identity. There can be coupled, if an action to the signal. When a consumer with a smart phone receives the signal from a iBeacon a coupon or message can come out. The range of a iBeacon is up to 60 meters. The range is also to restrict when use is made of multiple iBeacons so that they can operate next to each other.

      What can you do with iBeacons

      Micro-location based shopping

      A personal welcome message, offer or loyality reward, navigation or heatmaps. can make the app and the entire implementation.

      beacon4 5 1 shop-beacon

      Holographic glass

      Holographic glass

      Holographic glass enables projection onto glass in daylight while maintaining transparency. This is made possible by the patented technology: holographic optical elements are beamed onto a highly transparent film by laser. This is then embedded in glass. The light-guiding effect enables rear projection onto the glass screen. The angle-selective effect of the HOEs means that only the projected picture is directed at the viewer.
      The result is a sharp, high-contrast picture – even in broad daylight. HoloPro™ screens become a component of the light and room concept. Individual sizes and shapes create lively information areas that structure the room without disturbing its trans- parency and effect.

      It is suitable for a multitude of different presentation applications. For example:
      – As an information system for visitors in reception areas in combination with touch or gesture control
      – In room-high multimedia glass walls
      – As a rear-projection screen in shop windows
      – Screen in broad daylight

      HoloProTM 31 dynamic screen1_0 HoloProTM 18



      The Holographic 3D display is an unique display which is a visual content of an object in three dimensions. It offers a combination of holographic and free floating animated images with the display of the physical product and sound.

      Compared with other 3D Holographic providers in the market is proud of the patented slim and elegant design, vivid image, superior workmanship, high reliability, motion sensors to interact with customers and the continued visibility in bright light. Also we can offer holographic selfies which are then placed on social media in order to make a connection with the online customer. Please check out our youtube channel for an example (interactive christmas tree)

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      Developments in technology forcing retailers to think about a possible use of these to inspire customers to entice and encourage buying behavior. Below are some surprising facts in which respond with all the solutions.


       percent of retailers wonders whether new technology helps instore or is it just a distraction. Consumer research has shown that mobile apps that link to product stimulates the in-store purchases.


       percent of the product pages of retailers has a Facebook share button, while only twenty-two percent share of these pages allows an item on Pinterest.


       percent of consumers would consider ending a relationship with a retailer if they have no relevant content and offers customized.


       degrees, is the field of view of people, but they really focus on 6 ° view at any given moment that attracts attention. It may seem that you see a lot more, but the remaining 114 ° are only roughly completed.


      With our services we try to be an extension of the retailer. That enables us to translate our high-quality knowledge and years of experience to our smart and inspiring solutions.

        Developing solutions which ultimately ensure that more traffic and perception is made at the desired location.

        Implementing Intelligent Interactive Platforms that connects location, customer and brand!

      The implementation and management of solutions. Whereby we offer purchase as lease options.

      Satisfied customers

      Create more traffic and experience at the desired location: that is what we are about!

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