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Create more traffic and experience at the desired location: that is what is all about. We accordingly use a broad and pioneering approach, and we want to act upon your customer requirements with good, well-considered total solutions that substantially contribute to your operating result. Only then can you really make the difference. was born from passion to develop and build our own unique solutions. We love the entire process from sketch to implementation of a unique solution and therefore we focus not only on product sales, but we make a difference because we can create concepts, design, implementation and manage ourselves.


Is our number one step to generate sales and it starts in the shopping street where smart windows or smart mobile solutions stimulates the customer senses to enter the store.


To increase the experience of customers and seek solutions to create the stop and wonder impact on your customers.


Deploying solutions to approach your customers in a cross-channel world with surprising (realtime) relevant messages.


Gaining big data which can help to better understand customers and identify what works and what does not, and based on these data implement personal messages or loyalty programs.

Thinking along and offer a totally unique concept with implementation and maintenance is surprisingly.



Our solutions can enhance the experience for consumers because we respond to sensory experiences. Through sound, light, image, and feel we can affect emotions and behavior of consumers. Good use leads to longer duration and more purchases. Our solutions are used for retail and related market segments such as real estate. Examples are: automotive, fashion, drugstores, pharmacies, food, garden centers, zoos, amusement parks and airfields.

Display faucet

Display faucet

Property owners and department stores have been using advertising space exploitation both static and digital. Unfortunately, consumers are used to this and it brings no “stop and wonder” effect allowing more advertising in the traditional way is less effective for the advertiser. More than ever, the above parties are now looking for new trends in advertising to increase revenue. now brings a guaranteed to attract attention, in order to bring the attention to narrowcasting, on the market.

Narrowcasting is made available on faucets. The valves are easy to integrate into a basin and are equipped with a high-resolution 7-inch LCD screen. With the aid of a faucet is created an interactive experience for the consumer that looks at the faucet, and thus the ad.

Types of locations where these faucets with display have an added value are: stadiums, concert halls and arenas, shopping malls, airports, casinos, theaters, museums, bowling, theme parks, colleges, nightclubs, restaurants, hospitals, office buildings and department stores.

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Selfie units

Selfie units

Would you be tempted to entertain and make a powerful connection with your audience in both the physical world as well as online or mobile, has several solutions. With our kinects units we cut out the audience realtime and place them in any location. With the basic units we are able to quickly, simply and with high regularity offer new interactions with your audience to engage and measure this both offline and online. It is linked to the most common social media (Facebook), Portals etc. and offers a range of product features to entertain your audience: Selfies make a part of your brand, Quiz, Customer Satisfaction Survey, HD video, Hot or Not, personalized coupons etc.

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Mirror display

Mirror display

The LG’s mirror display, which is exactly as it sounds. Your customer walks through the store and through the mirror matching clothing advice is presented and meanwhile your customer sees how the new clothing collection is. With the variant performed in touchscreen the customer actually can do anything as can be done on a smartphone or computer. For example look at the agenda of new arrivals, sales or even by the digital product brochure.

The LG mirror display is available in 55-inch Full HD resolution and as a variant with built multitouch and minimal bezel. The applications are enormous and provides a guaranteed stop and wonder effect on, for example in the dressing rooms but also on toilet and in the window. can besides providing build any interaction around the mirror display, or integrate, for example, motion sensors, camera installation for making selfies and then linking with social media.

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Levitation magnets

Levitation magnets

Levitation technology
The patented technology makes it possible to make objects levitate in the air.
The levitation technology uses repelling magnets in combination with advanced
electronics in order to keep the levitation objects in position.

The modules can be used to create a stop and wonder effect or present a product
in a special way in your area.
The modules which are available in white and black are composed of two parts; a base
with electronics and a disk. The levitation disk may be integrated into objects, or objects
can be placed on the disk. The base can be hidden in a cabinet or shelf.

The technology is scalable, so there is virtually no limit to the weight and the flying height.
Special solutions can be offered like automatically ascend and descend, interaction through motion sensors.

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Developments in technology forcing retailers to think about a possible use of these to inspire customers to entice and encourage buying behavior. Below are some surprising facts in which respond with all the solutions.


 percent of retailers wonders whether new technology helps instore or is it just a distraction. Consumer research has shown that mobile apps that link to product stimulates the in-store purchases.


 percent of the product pages of retailers has a Facebook share button, while only twenty-two percent share of these pages allows an item on Pinterest.


 percent of consumers would consider ending a relationship with a retailer if they have no relevant content and offers customized.


 degrees, is the field of view of people, but they really focus on 6 ° view at any given moment that attracts attention. It may seem that you see a lot more, but the remaining 114 ° are only roughly completed.


With our services we try to be an extension of the retailer. That enables us to translate our high-quality knowledge and years of experience to our smart and inspiring solutions.

  Developing solutions which ultimately ensure that more traffic and perception is made at the desired location.

  Implementing Intelligent Interactive Platforms that connects location, customer and brand!

The implementation and management of solutions. Whereby we offer purchase as lease options.

Satisfied customers

Create more traffic and experience at the desired location: that is what we are about!

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